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“ one of the best known and most widely respected investigators in the
United States.”

Inter-Agency Investigations is a discreetly-run Los Angeles private investigation agency that provides super-confidential, professional and personal service to our customers. We specialize primarily in locating missing and hard to find persons; and in conducting surveillance throughout the Los Angeles area. In addition, we are highly experienced in conducting background checks and fraud investigations.

The owner of Inter-Agency Investigations is Robert Scott, one of the best known and most widely respected investigators in the United States. He is also author of best-selling reference books that are used by thousands of other private investigators throughout the United States. In short, he is the private investigator who other private investigators go to for information. He has been a private investigator for 20 years in Los Angeles and he personally supervises every case conducted at our agency.


“We practice transparency in our billing and pricing ”

Although we are fully capable of handling cases from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara, our primary areas of service are Hollywood, Beverly HIlls, the Sunset Strip, the Westside, Santa Monica and the entire San Fernando Valley. We're also known to prowl the Internet in search of truth and have a high level of online expertise. We practice transparency in our pricing and billing policy.

Inter-Agency Investigations is licensed by the State of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to conduct private investigations under The California Private Investigator Act. We hold P.I. license #18403 which is in good standing with NO history of complaints. Click here to see our license status with the State of California. We're also active members of the Caifornia Association of Licensed Investigators. This is the state's oldest and largest association for private investigators and security professionals. We also maintain strong professional relationships with several Southern California law enforcement agencies. We carry full business liability insurance and can provide an insurance certificate to business clients who require this as part of their vendor approval process.

“We are bound to confidentiality ”

Inter-Agency Investigations subscribes to the highest ethical and legal standards in both conducting investigations and in dealing with its clients. We are bound to confidentiality as required by the California Private Investigator's Act.

Thinking of hiring an investigator? We're happy to chat by phone with you to discuss your case and what we can do to assist. There is no charge for this phone consultation. When calling our hotline, please choose the New Case option. If we cannot help you with your case, we can often provide you with guidance on where to go next.


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Call Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm PST

Serving all southern California communities including:
  • Los Angeles
  • Hollywood
  • Hollywood Hills
  • West Hollywood
  • Sunset Strip
  • Beverly Hills
  • Westside
  • Santa Monica
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Surrounding Areas

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