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"Inter-Agency Investigations practices transparency..."

Inter-Agency Investigations practices transparency in both our pricing and billing. You may have noticed that very, very few private investigation agencies post their prices online. Our prices are the same, regardless of who the client is and what type of case is involved. We charge one reasonable hourly rate that allows us to employ experienced, professional investigators.



"...highly experience, licensed private investigators."

We charge $80 per hour, per investigator for investigation or surveillance. All work is conducted by highly experienced, licensed private investigators. We do not use unlicensed employees or trainees to conduct investigations, although this is permitted by California law. Other agencies may employ inexperienced, unlicensed agents and still be within the letter of the law. We do not engage in this practice. The most common indicator that an agency is involved in this practice is low ball pricing.



"...we will provide a case strategy..."

Once details of a possible case are known, we will provide a case strategy and estimated cost and will request a retainer equal to the estimated cost. We will not exceed this retainer without client permission and authorization. Established law firms, financial institutions and similiar business customers are billed on a 30 days basis but we may require a credit card authorization as guarantee of payment.



"We will provide a detailed list..."

We also charge for direct out of pocket expenses, data searches and mileage. (Mileage charge is .45 cents per mile outside of Los Angeles city; no charge inside.) We will provide a detailed list of these charges on our invoice. We have a $500 minimum per case with the exception of surveillance cases which have a $1000 minimum.



We do not charge for phone calls and emails with clients to discuss case status and strategy although we do charge for written report preparation.

Sometimes we will provide a flat rate price for an investigation. These are typically cases with a narrow focus. This is to provide peace of mind to customers not comfortable with billing on an hourly basis. This most often can apply to background investigations and criminal record checks.

"We accept major
credit cards..."

We accept major credit cards for payment. For new clients from outside of the United States, we require payment by Western Union.


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